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Beard Enhancer Brush Pen Kit

Beard Enhancer Brush Pen Kit

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Get the groomed, professional look you crave with the Beard Enhancer Brush Pen Kit. This kit is perfect for men who want to shape and fill their facial hair with ease. The waterproof black or brown hair pencil allows you to precisely draw natural-looking lines and easily fill in gaps without any harsh lines. The brush ensures uniform coverage as it softens the lines and diffuses color for a totally blended finish. With just a few simple steps, you’ll be able to craft the perfect beard that looks as though it was professionally done! Plus, this kit is easy to use and travel with - keep your perfect style wherever you go! Buy yours today for a handsome, well-groomed appearance anytime.


Name: Beard Filling Pen

KitColor: Black, Dark Brown

Weight: 33g

Package size: 15 * 3.5cm

Product material: Pen: Grease, Wax base medium

Brush: Plastic + nylon

Package Included:

1 * beard pen

1 * brush

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